Live sports betting in tennis
Tennis Betting

Live sports betting in tennis

In live tennis betting, we bet on events linked to a match in progress. The scenario of a tennis match is unique, an exciting playground for betting. This is one of our sports betting tips to combine the useful with the enjoyable: watch the match live! You’ll feel better the physiognomy of the match. In Grand Slam, 5-set matches give players time to find tactical or moral resources to turn the tide. And for the bettor to win a whole bunch of possible bets in live tennis betting! Here are the main ones:

  • Winner of the next point
  • Player who will win the next game
  • Winner of the round
  • Player winning the tie-break
  • First player with X points in the game
  • More or less points in a game

The frequency of stakes possible in live tennis betting allows you to place bets at any time and at your own pace. A little advice: make sure that a match can last! A tennis match does not end until the match point is won. Tommy Haas won’t say otherwise, as it took him 13 matchballs to win against John Isner at Roland Garros.

Live tennis betting: the handsets are the odds

Tennis betting gives you access to an incomparable range of bets on a wide variety of events. This spectrum opens up attractive opportunities in combination betting. By linking different betting proposals, you can benefit from high odds on plausible scenarios. Especially if you know who to bet on in tennis, as shown below. Here are a few examples to illustrate the variety and complementarity of some live tennis bets.

Number of ace and tie-breaks

The big waiters, such as Miloas Raonic and John Isner, often finish their matches at over 20 aces. Their size, however, handicaps them in return of service and in the exchange, they rarely break the opponent and rely on the decisive game to win the set. When two profiles of this type clash on turf, check at the beginning of the match that the aces fall hard. A live bet combining the number of aces and tie-breaks can then give you a good odds.

Challenger victory and number of breaks

Some players are known to suddenly come out of a seemingly easy match and let it go, on a simple mood swing. Tennis requires concentration at all times, so the end of the match is a one-way street and the end point is quickly reached. When this happens, it’s an opportunity to place live bets combining victory with frequent breaks from the opponent. Just think about it when Fabio Fognini or Nick Kyrgios start the combo “chair referee critic + racket smash” in the middle of the match… 💥

Favourite victory and over/under bet

In tennis, the difference between the world’s top 5 and the rest of the top 20 is more a matter of mind than technique. When the pressure mounts or the situation seems compromised, the champions assert themselves and push their limits. In live betting, if Nadal or Djokovic lose the first set, you can always bet on their final victory. Combine this bet with an “over” bet on the number of sets, counting on the fact that the match will last. Show your confidence and nerves with these matchballs saved in the final by Nole, Rafa, Fedex and a few others:

Live tennis betting: bookmakers with streaming

In live tennis betting, it’s much better with the video of the match in front of your eyes! The operators Unibet and Betclic have made considerable efforts on the tennis TV rights. As a result, they stream the best competitions on the ATP and WTA circuit, but also the Grand Slam tournaments. These two big names in French sports betting are a wise choice if you like to bet on tennis live.

Choosing matches and tournaments carefully

That’s the beauty of tennis betting: you have hundreds of tournaments and thousands of matches to find promising bets. How do you choose among the available tours and tournaments? Here are some answers!

Grand Slam or Masters?

These two types of tournaments bring together the world’s elite. You’ll find the most famous players and full stadiums. The 4 Grand Slams – Roland Garros, Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open – focus the attention of the general public, with matches that are a must for any tennis fan. The Masters (men’s) and Premier (women’s) tournaments are a notch below in terms of notoriety. But they allow more frequent betting, with around thirty tournaments of this type per year. Including mythical tournaments such as those in Monte Carlo, Rome, and the Masters of Paris-Bercy.

If you wish to bet on tennis every week, no problem! The men’s ATP 500, ATP 250 and WTA International women’s tours add some 85 dates to the calendar! 📅 Including top events such as the pre-Wimbledon tournaments in Halle and Queen’s. And French dates in Montpellier, Marseille, Lyon, Metz and Strasbourg.

Women’s or men’s matches?

Apart from the 4 Grand Slam tournaments, the ATP (men) and WTA (women) tournaments generally take place at different venues and dates. No need to be jealous; both circuits offer top level matches and are on the menu of the best bookmakers. 3 tournaments welcome even men and women simultaneously and at the highest level, the Masters 1000 (men) and Premier Mandatory (women). So, opt for the Masters of Madrid, Indian Wells, and the Miami Open for a maximum number of top level matches!

Betting on small tournaments? The ATP Challenger, Futures, WTA 125K and ITF circuits are the bottom rungs of professional tennis. Most of the participants are little known to the general public. In addition, these competitions are in the legislator’s sights, as there is a higher risk of betting rigging, especially at the amateur level (satellite circuit). As a result, French operators offer little or no betting on these tournaments, which remain rather a specialist affair.

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