Best Themed Slots: Gladiators
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Best Themed Slots: Gladiators

The Roman Empire marked the life and culture of millions of people, through the alteration of religious, social and political customs. Many of these still survive to a greater or lesser extent, according to the development capacity of each region and, of course, the territorial scope. Modern entertainment has also been influenced by the stories and characters of the time, with movie icons such as Spartacus, Ben-Hur, and Gladiator. Given the registered success, it was to be expected that this theme will begin to conquer other modalities such as, for example, the stake and chance sector.

Thanks to the dynamism verified in the set of operators in operation, those interested in enjoying games inspired by the time of the gladiators can do so in any of the portals indicated above or, even, visiting other platforms. It is worth mentioning that, in such platforms, apart from fights in the coliseum, they will also have the opportunity to win prizes from cowboys and circus professionals.


Gladiator “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius.” The above is undoubtedly one of the most iconic phrases in film history, and comes from the 2001 film Gladiator, winner of five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Lead Actor. Although this machine is not officially based on the feature film by Ridley Scott, its dynamics and graphics “drink” largely from the images of said film production, with a protagonist wearing all the stripes of the famous general of the Roman army. Gladiator has 30 pay lines (variables), 10 high value figures, and special functionalities (Hero Gladiator, Gladiator Smash Wild Reel and Click Me) associated with the appearance of Wild and Scatter symbols.

Gladiators Go Wild

Gladiators Go Wild Total war between warriors of different races, is the premise of Gladiators Go Wild, a slot machine from iSoftbet. The faces of the fierce gladiators are the mainstays of the figure menu in this game, in which, in addition, Wild symbols abound, between regular and Stacked Wild (there are 4 types). Ten winning combinations, a theoretical return equal to 96%, and bets between 0.10 and 10 credits make up the base configuration of this unique slot. The interface has 6 reels and 3 horizontal lines.

Gladiator of rome

Gladiator of RomeThe most representative elements of the stories and legends related to the world of gladiators are brought together in a single slot from the 1 × 2 Gaming brand. Once again, the battles to the death between brave warriors are the focus of the Gladiator of Rome narrative. The menu of available figures includes gladiators, shields, swords and chariots, as well as Wild symbols. The bets cover a range of 0.10 and 10 credits, the projected yield is 94.20%, and the bonuses include perks such as free spins and profit multipliers.

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