Tennis betting
Tennis Betting

Tennis betting: the guide to betting well and winning

Who doesn’t like tennis? 🎾 Hardly anyone, and certainly not the bettors! The world’s most practised and popular individual sport has everything it takes to please sports betting fans. Profusion of matches, live betting, psychological aspect… Do you master all the parameters to win money in tennis betting? Our guide will give you all the tips you need to win money in tennis sports betting: to your rackets!

Tennis sports betting: a top sport

Game, set and match: Tennis has long been the first choice of sports bettors for individual sports. The little yellow ball is an extremely pleasurable sport to watch; so much so that you can combine fun and profit with tennis sports betting. In addition, the simplicity of the rules and the focus on star players make it possible to progress quite quickly in the game. A little extra that beginners appreciate!

For bettors, the psychological dimension of tennis matches is an essential key to the winning tennis prognosis. Only the mental grip on the game explains the incredible longevity of a Roger Federer, or the more than 10 French Open titles of a Rafael Nadal. 

Tennis betting: the most popular bets

French operators often offer an XXL offer in possible bets around a tennis match. The main bet is on the winner of a match; a challenge as simple as it is exciting. And a binary choice, since in tennis a draw is not possible. But this tennis bet is not trivial. Before setting your sights on the player with the highest “race” ranking (the ranking of professional players), you will have to check his current shape, his affinity with the surface of the tennis court, and the profile of his opponent. Three of the most important criteria for your tennis predictions!

Pre-match and pre-tournament betting

Usually a bet is placed on the winner of a tennis match before the match begins. This is called a pre-game bet. Another popular bet in tennis is to bet on the final winner of a tournament; this is called a pre-tournament bet. This type of bet had lost its appeal in the 2010’s, when the Big Four (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray) trumped all the finals. But the rise of Dominic Thiem and a new generation of players, the “New Gen” has changed the game and given new life to the odds on pre-tournament betting.

Handicap betting

These bets allow you to bet on the difference in the score rather than on the winner of the match. In case of a strong difference in level between players, it allows to level the odds between the outsider and the favourite, in order to obtain more remunerative tennis odds. 💰 Handicap betting in tennis is based on the number of games won, sets won, or points scored. For example, a handicap bet of -4 on games won forces the favourite to win 5 games more than his opponent over the whole match to cover the handicap so that the bet wins.

Tennis over/under bets

In tennis under or over betting, we predict whether or not the total sum of rounds, games or points scored on a match will exceed a figure proposed by the bookmaker. The stake of this bet is therefore to determine whether a match will be more played or faster than expected. This bet is interesting to play in men’s matches in Grand Slam tournaments, because the winner is decided at the best of 5 sets, which widens the range of possible sets, games or points. Usually, tennis matches are played in “two winning sets”, i.e. the best of three sets.

Single, combination or system tennis betting?

Simple betting: you bet on only one match at a time. For example, on a victory of Alizé Cornet in the final of the Dubai tournament against Belinda Bencic.

Combined bet: you link at least two bets together. The odds of the bets are combined, which reduces the probability of winning the bet. But increases the payout significantly in case of a winning bet.

System bet: this is a more complex bet that multiplies the possible combinations, excluding a prognosis each time. For example, with a system bet on 4 matches, you bet 4 combinations of 3 predictions.

100% tennis bet

It is impossible to miss out on some of the bets available exclusively in tennis. They appeal especially to lovers of the sports of André Agassi and Steffi Graaf, as they require a certain knowledge of the game. Here are three bets for betting tennis in pro mode, often offered by sports operators:

  • Betting on aces. Here you can bet on the number of aces (winning serve not touched by the receiver) a player manages to win in a match or a tournament. A bet to be studied when a big server is on the court. Especially on a fast surface like Wimbledon grass. 💨
  • Paris on the breaks. When a player wins the game while his opponent is serving, this is called a break. The number of breaks made during a match is a bet to be favoured in women’s tennis and on slow surface, where they are more frequent. Especially if there are boosters of the level of Victoria Azarenka on the court!
  • Record of Grand Slam victories. Behind this bet, a major battle among tennis fans! Who of Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will end up as the greatest Grand Slam winner? All three have nearly double the titles of the legends Rod Laver and Björn Borg! A long-term bet to be tried if you like “Rafa”, “FedEx” or “Djoker”.

Betting on the tennis rankings

Another typical bet in tennis: bets on the ATP (men’s circuit) and WTA (women’s circuit) rankings. They change every week, based on the cumulative tournament performances over the last twelve months. It is therefore possible to bet on the rank of the world’s top players and its evolution over time. In this game, you’ll have to get out the calculator, because every Monday, the points obtained the week before are added to the players’ rankings, and those gleaned a year before are removed.

Exclusive tennis promotions with Bwin

French sports betting operators place tennis in the trio of sports that count, along with football and turf. Bwin, a well-known bookmaker, even offers an exclusive promotion, with free tennis bets every day. Those who place three simple pre-game bets receive a €5 free betting voucher on the same day. A promotion that makes Bwin an excellent choice for any tennis betting fan.

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